Chinese Training: 100 Class Hour Program

The 100 class hour program is for beginning students with limited or no established proficiency in Chinese, CCI recommends 100 hours of language training to be completed within 12 months. After 100 hours of training, the student’s vocabulary should increase by an additional 800-1200 words in the target language. You could learn Chinese online via Skype at your home, or you could go to our school.


 Depending on the student’s speaking proficiency level, a student might progress from a Novice-Low/Novice Mid speaking level to a Intermediate-Low/Intermediate-Mid speaking level, and develop the skills necessary for the student to:

  • Initiate, sustain and bring to a close a wide variety of communicative tasks, including limited job requirements.
  • Convey meaning with diverse language strategies due to a complication or unexpected turn of events.
  • Be understood through increasingly successful circumlocution.
  • Utilize a variety of grammatical structures.
  • *Read simple, authentic written material of a non-technical nature.
  • *Write routine social correspondence and prepare documentary materials for most limited work requirements.

* Only if the student learn Chinese writing.

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