Beginner Spoken Chinese – lesson 025 – I dont like going shopping

In this video, I will explain how to say “I can do …”, “I like…” and “I can’t do…”, “I don’t like…” in Chinese. I hope you will find they are interesting.
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Hello Dajia hao. This is John. We will learn how to the following sentences in Chinese:


  • Can you play Pingpang
  • yes, I can
  • No, I can’t
  • Do you like tea?
  • Do you like watching movies
  • Do you like listening to the music
  • Do you like going shopping
  • Yes,I do
  • No, I don’t


Here we go


  • Can you play Pingpang

nǐ huì dǎ pīnɡpānɡ ma?你会打乒乓吗?

Pīnɡpānɡ means table tennis. It is a very popular sports in China, isn’t it? So you will not feel surprise when Chinese people ask you this. huì means can or the ability of doing something. So why do you answer it.


  • Yes, I can. No, I can’t

shìde,wǒ huì.是的,我会。 bù,wǒ bú huì.不,我不会。

If you can play Pingpang, you will say shìde,wǒ huì.

If you can’t, you will say bù,wǒ bú huì.


  • Do you like tea?

nǐ xǐhuan chá ma?你喜欢茶吗?

How do you ask if someone like tea? You will say” nǐ xǐhuan chá ma?” Obviously xǐhuan here means “to like”.

We could make some similar questions like below:


  • Do you like watching movies

nǐ xǐhuan kàn diànyǐnɡ ma? 你喜欢看电影吗?


  • Do you like listening to the music

nǐ xǐhuan tīnɡ yīnyuè ma? 你喜欢听音乐吗?

Tīnɡ = listen to, yīnyuè = music


  • Do you like going shopping

nǐ xǐhuan ɡuànɡjiē ma? 你喜欢逛街吗?

ɡuànɡjiē = go shopping


  • Yes, I do / No, I don’t

Shìde, wǒ xǐhuan 是的,我喜欢 / bù, wǒ bù xǐhuan 不,我不喜欢

It’s time to tell you how to ask this kind of Like/Don’t like questions. If you like, you just say Shìde, wǒ xǐhuan. If you don’t, please say bù, wǒ bù xǐhuan


Thank you for watching, I hope you could join me for another lesson.


Teacher John,


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