Beginner Spoken Chinese – Lesson021- How to say Merry Christmas in Chinese

Hello Dajia hao. This is John. The new year and Christmas is coming soon.Today will learn how to say:

  1. Happy new year,
  2. Happy birthday
  3. Merry Christmas
  4. Wish you…


  1. Happy new year

We will say xīnnián kuàilè in Chinese. Xīn means new,nián means year,kuàilè is happy. So basically we say New Year Happy in Chinese.


  1. Happy birthday

Birthday in Chinese is shēnɡrì,shēnɡ is birth,rì is day. So Happy birthday in Chinese we say Birthday Happy shēnɡrì kuàilè。


  1. Happy Christmas

First of all, jié in Chinese means festival,Christmas we will say shènɡdàn or shènɡdàn jié in Chinese. Of course, with the order we just learned, we say shènɡdiànjiè kuàilè for Happy Christmas.


  1. wish you…

Wish you… in Chinese we will say zhù nǐ… For example, zhù nǐ shènɡdàn jié kuàilè means Merry Christmas


Here is the video


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