Beginner Spoken Chinese – Lesson022 – Excuse me

In this video, we will learn how to say Excuse me in Chinese
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Hello Dajia hao. This is John. We will learn how to say Excuse me in Chinese today.


  1. Excuse me
    2. Excuse me, I am late.
    3. Excuse me, I am sick.
    4. Excuse me, I can’t go to the party
  2. Excuse me, I can’t attend the activity.

    1. bùhǎoyìsi
    Excuse me is bùhǎoyìsi in Chinese. You know, BUHAO means not good, YISI means meaning in Chinese. It seems we say “It’s a not a good meaning” when we say Excuse me, but it means excuse me.

    2. wǒ wǎn le
    WO WAN LE means I am late. WO is I, WAN means late. You put le after late to show it happened.

    3. wǒ bìnɡl le

Similar with WO WAN LE, WO BING LE means I am sick. Again, LE here is to show the situation happened.

4. wǒ bù nénɡ cānjiā jùhuì
It means I can’t go to the party. CANJIA means to attend, We say JUHUI for a party. You can also use pàiduì for party which is directly translated by sound of party.


  1. wǒ bùnénɡ cānjiā huódònɡ

I can’t attend the activity. CANJIA means to attend. HUODONG means activity.

Teacher John,


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