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Homestay in Dalian China
I am Ray, I come from Hawaii, I'd like to tell you my homestay here.

Homestay Mandarin course in Dalian China

Study in Dalian, the "Hong Kong" of Northeast China if you are looking for one of the cleanest cities in China. Renowned for its rapid development, cleanliness, beaches, ski resorts and love for football, this city is one of the most popular places in north China.


Homestay videos

Live in your Chinese host family or even your teacher's home

We offer the best and fastest way to learn Mandarin. On a Mandarin homestay course you live in your Chinese host family or even your teacher's comfortable home and participate fully in their social and family life.

Course designed for you

Your language homestay teacher will give you individual language lessons that suit you personally.

Course options

As well as the Standard Course you can also choose the Executive Plus course, Examination Preparation course, intensive Chinese course and the Summer Special Course.

Intensive Chinese learning process

Because you are living in your Chinese host family and using the Mandarin constantly, the Mandarin immersion learning process continues all day.

Leisure activities

You can enjoy a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities during your language homestay programme.


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"I have been here for 3 weeks now, I have been sleeping very well every night…

I has very good internet connection. I have 3 meals a day, and John's mother is an amazing chef. You can buy everything from the local market… "

Conor Homestay in Dalian China with Johnn's family

"I am here for maybe 1 month. I can have my privacy, but at the same time I can be with the Chinese family which helps me to know modern Chinese people a lot.

If you don't know if to choose hotel or homestay, I really would like to suggest everyone to choose homestay in Dalian here. At the beginning I came here with no Chinese at all, John helped me a lot.… "

Barbara Homestay in Dalian China with Johnn's family
Slovakia, working for IBM

"Before I came to Dalian, I have been living in Beijing for 1 year. I studied Chinese on my own a little bit, but I just wasn't progressing as quickly as I wanted to…
My experience here has been really great so far, I have learned a lot of Chinese. How comfortable I feel speaking now, it is just amazing.

It has also been a funny experience learning and doing homestay, they have showed me good culture experiences, I went to a ghost day with John's father and mother when they burned ghost paper to honor their dead relatives. They taught me how to play Mahjong which was really fun!
... "

Armand Homestay in Dalian China with Johnn's family
America, working in Bejing