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Homestay in Dalian China

Homestay in Dalian China

Homestay in Dalian China

Homestay in Dalian China



Homestay Mandarin courses and extra services

Standard/Intensive Chinese Course

The benefit of individual language classes in your teacher's home is that the course is totally focussed on your needs and requirements. Our Standard Course is available for all ages and all language levels. You can choose from studying the language for 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours per week, and can practise the rest of the time as you join in with your host family's daily life. You have your own room as well as all of your meals included. You could choose even more hours for your intensive Chinese learning. The immersion Chinese learning will help you a lot!

Executive Plus

This supplement is for business and professional people with specific needs related to their job. With this course option we include a pre-course client appraisal, specific work-related language teaching and specialist course materials.

Examination Preparation

This supplement is specifically for people preparing for a Mandarin examination like HSK, and includes specific examination preparations materials.


There are a nuber of supplements you can add to a mandarin homestay course to make it the perfect experience for you:

• City Experience Option
• Cultural Option
• City Plus
• Language and Special Interest
• Private Apartment Option
• Arrival and Departure Transfers

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