Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 – Lesson 1 Vocabulary 1 Teacher Explanation

How are you doing? I wish you all the best. Starting from today, I am making teacher explanation videos based on the book Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1. If you think it is useful, please keep an eye on my Youtube updates. Also, please share it with anyone who needs this video tutorial too.

Hello everyone,welcome! My name is John Wang. This is our very first mandarin Chinese class. We will use the book Integrated Chinese. Here it is. I have been teaching Chinese for over 10 years. This is one of the best Chinese textbooks I have ever used. That’s why I choose the textbook for this video course.  The first edition of the book was in 1997. Now it is the third edition. It is widely used in schools in the US and other countries. It improves your listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Chinese is not hard. In my opinion, it is very easy. I say that, not because I am a Chinese (yeah, of course I am). It is because I teach many years, many classes and many many students, I know how. Following me, it is not hard!

In addition, I will not only help you learn Chinese, but to understand and know the culture of China as well.



We made a book called “Everything You Need to Know about Learning Chinese”. It tells you the history, the language, survival Chinese, travel, food and other very useful resources which you need to know. If you want to learn Chinese fast and know the culture of China as well, you need this book. Now you can download this book for free and get free video tutorials every week.
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