To better understand Chinese character system

My dear friend. Thanks to Harry, my friend and student from Australia.…
associative memory

How to remember words. (Great trick, only 1 minute to read)

How to remember words? Do you need to repeat them 100 times like…
chinese short story

Chinese short stories at different levels. They are free!

I think you also agree with me that it is very good to read…

Difference between Yidian and Youdian

Hello my friends, I have released a new video on Youtube.…

33 Funny Words in Chinese

Dear Friends, Here is a list of 33 funny words in Chinese. I…
boring learning chinese

3 ways to learn Chinese. Which one is the best?

There are three ways to learn Chinese. See the picture! Which…

Three simple rules to learn Chinese. Follow them, make big changes!

That is from a Chinese learner. He said:"the best way of learning…

Listening with Chinese and English subtitles: Blind Date (difficulty index: 2/5)

  Chinese Script: 他们在做什么? 我们过去看看! 这是父母在帮他们的儿女们找对象。 纸上写着儿女们的信息。 在中国,父母比儿女们更着急 这是一个“找对象的市场” 人来人往 上面写着“北京工作大连籍孩子专区” 树上也挂着一些找对象的广告。 草地上也放着一些广告。 最后,我们看看这几个一直在旁边锻炼的人。 他们在玩鞭子。   Pinyin…