Try to mimic these survival Chinese sentence. It is meaningful

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Very useful and powerful Mandarin Posters I have ever seen! Love them so much!

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What's the difference between 作家zuo4jia1 and 作者zuo4zhe3

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An interesting Chinese character - 品 pin3 product

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A funny Chinese phrase"下饺子" Xia4 jiao3zi. See what does it mean?

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painting doctor chinese listening practise

Listening with Chinese and English subtitles: Painting doctor

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Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 - Lesson 1 Vocabulary 1 Teacher Explanation

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I have updated the tools for learning Chinese page

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A free Chinese Character to Pinyin Converter with flash card and worksheet

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What's the difference between Zou and Qu

What's the difference between Zou and Qu 走 & 去

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