Lesson 01 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dīyīkè:wǒ zài niǔyuē zhù le qī bā nián
Unit one: I have lived in Newyork for over seven years




shi4 chang3 bu4 市场部 marketing department
tong2 the same
bu4 men2 部门 department
qi2 shi2 其实 actually
yi1 zhi2; yi4 zhi2 一直 continuous
yi3 wei2 以为 to think (often mistakenly)
cha4 bu5 duo1 差不多 almost
zhi3 shi4 只是 merely to be
shi2 wu4 食物 food
bu4 zen3 me5 yang4 不怎么样 not so good
jing1 li4 经历 experience
feng1 fu4 丰富 abundant
bi4 ye4 毕业 to graduate
dui4 wo3 lai2 shuo1 对我来说 from my point of view
ban1 to move
pu3 tong1 普通 common
tiao4 cao2 le5 跳槽了 to change companies
ren4 wei2 认为 to think
gen1 with
niu3 yue1 纽约 New York
nan2 fei1 南非 South Africa
xi1 ya3 tu2 西雅图 Seattle
jiu4 jin1 shan1 旧金山 San Francisco
zong3 gong1 si1 总公司 head office
pai4 to send
fen1 gong1 si1 分公司 branch office
fu4 ze2 负责 to be in charge of
zhu3 yao4 主要 main
nai4 xin1 耐心 patience
zuo4 ye4 作业 homework
cong2 bu4 从不 never
sheng1 qi4 生气 angry
zi4 dian3 字典 character dictionary
nv3 peng2 you5 女朋友 girlfriend
peng2 you5 朋友 friend
jin4 bu4 进步 progress
yue1 hui4 约会 appointment
cai2 only just
shi4 ye4 事业 career
ma3 lai2 xi1 ya4 马来西亚 Malaysia
wu3 xing1 ji2 五星级 five-star
wei4 le5 为了 for
jiao4 lian4 教练 coach
jiao1 to teach
shou1 ru4 收入 income
zhao4 gu5 照顾 to take care of
sha3 foolish
zhang4 fu5 丈夫 husband
yi2 wen4 san1 bu4 zhi1 一问三不知 someone who knows nothing

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