Lesson 02 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dīèrkè:zhōnɡqiūjié nǐ zěnme ɡuò?
Unit two: How do you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?




guo4 to spend (time)
kan4 qi3 lai2 看起来 it appears
zhi3 hao 只好 to have to
shou3 yi4 手艺 skill
re4 nao4 热闹 exciting
zhun3 bei4 准备 to prepare
qian1 wan4 千万 to make sure to
shu1 shu1; shu1 shu5 叔叔 uncle
a1 yi2 阿姨 aunt
da3 rao3 打扰 to disturb
sui2 bian4 随便 casual
he2 small box
rang4 巧克力 chocolate
qiao3 ke4 li4 to allow
ya1 zi5 鸭子 duck
gan1 bei1 干杯 to drink a toast
dei3 must
ji2 urgent
liu2 to ask somebody to stay
xiao3 xin1 小心 be careful
zhong1 qiu1 jie2 中秋节 mid autumn festival
zhang4 fu5 丈夫 husband
zheng4 hao3 正好 just (in time)
yao1 qing3 邀请 to invite
cong2 mei2 从没 never (in the past)
jie2 guo3 结果 result
bi3 jiao4 比较 relatively
tan2 to chat
hou4 lai2 后来 afterwards
fang4 to set off
bian1 pao4 鞭炮 firecrackers
pa4 to fear
xiao3 qu1 小区 residential compound
chu2 xi1 除夕 New Years Eve
chun1 jie2 春节 Spring Festival
dian3 xin1 点心 dim sum
dan1 xin1 担心 anxious
nai4 xin1 耐心 patience
yin1 li4 阴历 lunar calendar
yang2 li4 阳历 solar calendar
yue4 liang5 月亮 moon
yuan2 circle
yue4 bing3 月饼 moon cake
bian4 li4 dian4 便利店 convenience store
can3 miserable
kou3 shi4 xin1 fei1 口是心非 duplicity
sha3 foolish
zhang4 fu5 丈夫 husband
yi2 wen4 san1 bu4 zhi1 一问三不知 someone who knows nothing

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