Lesson 03 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dì sān kè:wǒ ɡānɡ bǎ tā fànɡ zài chōuti li le
I put it in the drawer just now




ba3 preposition causing inversion with the object
chou1 ti5 抽屉 drawer
da3 sao3 打扫 to clean (a place)
ming2 pian4 名片 business card
gang1 cai2 刚才 just now
zhuo1 zi5 桌子 table
chen4 shan1 衬衫 shirt
gua4 to hang
yi1 gui4 衣柜 wardrobe
zhao4 gu5 照顾 to take care of
gou3 dog
liu4 to stroll
xi3 zao3; xi2 zao3 洗澡 to bathe
liang2 food
cha4 diar5 差点儿 nearly; almost
shou1 ru4 收入 income
shou1 to receive
zhang1 measure word for flat things
zhang4 dan1 账单 bill
ti4 to substitute for
tang4 measure word for trips
liu2 yan2 留言 message
quan2 entire
chuang1 window
tong1 feng1 通风 to ventilate
jian3 cha2 检查 to check
yue4 di3 月底 end of the month
gong1 zi1 工资 salary
gan3 xie4 感谢 to thank
bing1 xiang1 冰箱 refrigerator
gu4 zhu3 雇主 employer
an4 according to
shu4 ma3 数码 digital
nong2 cun1 农村 countryside
xi3 wan3 ji1 洗碗机 dishwasher
kao3 xiang1 烤箱 oven
hao3 hao3 xian1 sheng1 好好先生 yesman

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