Lesson 04 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dì sì kè:duìbuqǐ,wǒ chídào le
Unit four: Sorry, I am late




chi2 dao4 迟到 to be late
lao3 shi1 老师 teacher
ti2 to raise
sui1 ran2 虽然 although
zhu4 yi4 注意 to take note of
an1 pai2 安排 to arrange
jin3 tight
ge4 each
dai4 biao3 代表 representative, to represent
ji4 de5 记得 to remember
wan2 cheng2 完成 to complete
bao4 gao4 报告 report
zong3 bu4 总部 general headquarters
dao4 to
shang1 wu4 cang1 商务舱 business class
zi1 liao4 资料 data
ben3 lai2 本来 originally
gan3 to rush
bu4 de2 bu4 不得不 to have no choice but to
cheng2 shi4 城市 city
wen2 hua4 文化 culture
zhi2 jie1 直接 direct
yi4 jian4 意见 complaint
jian4 jie1 间接 indirect
biao3 da2 表达 to express
xiang3 fa3 想法 way of thinking
cai1 to guess
bu2 dan4 不但 not only (… but also…)
ren4 zhen1 认真 conscientious
jie3 jue2 解决 to solve
ban4 gong1 shi4 办公室 office
shuai4 ge1 帅哥 handsome man
mei3 nv3 美女 beautiful woman
miao2 tiao5 苗条 slim
shui3 guo3 水果 fruit
xiang1 jiao1 香蕉 banana
ping2 guo3 苹果 apple
dang1 di4 当地 local
hu2 shuo1 ba1 dao4 胡说八道 to talk nonsense

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