Lesson 05 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dì wǔ kè:wǒ cónɡ bù cānjiā lǚyóutuán
I never join a tourist group




lv3 you2 旅游 travel
tuan2 group
chang2 jia4 长假 long vacation
shi2 zai4 实在 indeed
jing3 dian3 景点 scenic spot
zi4 you2 自由 freedom
dao4 chu4 到处 everywhere
pai2 dui4 排队 to queue
pai1 zhao4 拍照 to take a picture
you2 ke4 游客 tourist
jiu3 dian4 酒店 hotel
hang2 kong1 航空 aviation
hang2 ban1 航班 airline flight
mian3 fei4 免费 free (of charge)
jia1 measure word for hotels, restaurants
san1 xing1 ji2 三星级 three-star
zhong1 xin1 中心 centre
dan1 ren2 jian1 单人间 single room
bao1 kuo4 包括 to include
fu2 wu4 服务 service
wang4 ji4 旺季 busy season
ken3 ding4 肯定 certainly
ding4 to decide
wu3 yi1 五一 May Day
da4 lian2 大连 Dalian
dong1 fang1 hang2 kong1 gong1 si1 东方航空公司 China Eastern Airlines
shu3 jia4 暑假 summer vacation
lv3 xing2 she4 旅行社 travel agency
zu3 zhi1 组织 to organize
zhao4 pian4 照片 photo
feng1 jing3 风景 scenery
ke3 xi1 可惜 what a pity
dao3 you2 导游 tour guide
lang4 fei4 浪费 to waste (also: to squander)
liao2 tian1 er5 聊天儿 to chat
Ou1 zhou1 欧洲 Europe
an1 quan2 安全 safe
ling4 other
bei1 to carry on the back
yun2 nan2 云南 Yunnan
li4 jiang1 丽江 Lijiang
fan2 nao3 烦恼 worry
huo3 shang4 jiao1 you2 火上浇油 to pour oil on the fire

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