Lesson 06 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dì liù kè:yí lù shànɡ shùnlì ma?
Unit six: Did everything go well on the trip?




shun4 li4 顺利 smoothly
kai1 xin1 开心 to feel happy
fa1 xian4 发现 to discover
qian2 tai2 前台 reception
fu2 wu4 yuan2 服务员 waiter
cha2 to check
yuan2 lai2 原来 originally
cu1 xin1 粗心 careless
shu4 ma3 数码 digital
she4 xiang4 ji1 摄像机 camcorder; video camera
diu1 to lose (an object, face etc)
jiao1 to associate with
yun4 qi5 运气 luck
xiao3 fei4 小费 tip
ken3 to be willing
lan2 zhu4 拦住 to hold back
mo1 to touch
lian3 face
ti2 qian2 提前 ahead of schedule
ji4 de5 记得 to remember
qi4 pai4 气派 imposing
shang4 wang3 上网 to surf the internet
wang3 luo4 网络 network
nao4 xiao4 hua4 闹笑话 absurd
chuan2 ship
qing1 chu5 清楚 clear
hu2 tu5 糊涂 confused
mei3 jin1 美金 American dollar
huan2 you2 环游 round trip
shi4 jie4 世界 the world
zuo4 zhe3 作者 author
da2 an4 答案 answer
qing1 nian2 lv3 she4 青年旅社 youth hostel
guang3 gao4 广告 advertising
shui4 tax
sheng3 qian2 省钱 to save money
ren2 shan1 ren2 hai3 人山人海 crowded

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