Lesson 07 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dì qī kè: zhēn jísǐ wǒ le
Unit seven: I am really worried




qi3 chuang2 起床 to get up
tong4 ku3 痛苦 painful
jing4 ran2 竟然 unexpectedly
hui2 to reply
qu3 xiao1 取消 to cancel
jin3 ji2 紧急 emergency
fan2 irritated
zheng4 chang2 正常 normal
si3 ji1 死机 (computer) crashed
tu1 ran2 突然 sudden
bing4 du2 病毒 virus
an4 to press
jian4 key (of a keyboard)
fan3 ying4 反应 to react
chong2 xin1 重新 again
qi3 dong4 启动 to start
wen2 jian4 文件 document
bao3 cun2 保存 to conserve
ye4 page
tong1 zhi1 通知 to notify
tui1 chi2 推迟 to postpone
zuo4 wei2 作为 as
deng3 deng3 等等 et cetera
que1 shao3 缺少 to lack
jing1 yan4 经验 experience (usually work related)
xi4 xin1 细心 careful
xiao4 lv4 效率 efficiency
ti2 gao1 提高 to raise
bang1 zhu4 帮助 help
ji4 xu4 继续 to continue
nu3 li4 努力 to make efforts
xiao4 to laugh
zhan4 zheng1 战争 war
wai4 qi3 外企 foreign firm
zong3 cai2 总裁 CEO
suo3 to lock up
yao4 shi5 钥匙 key
wu2 lun4 无论 no matter what
que4 ren4 确认 confirmation
si1 ren2 私人 private
li3 mao4 礼貌 polite
qiu2 zhi1 bu4 de2 求之不得 more than one could wish for

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