Lesson 08 – Vocabulary – My Chinese Classroom intermediate level 1 – with worksheet

dì bā kè: tā zhǎnɡ de shénmeyànɡ?
Unit eight: How does she look?




te4 di4 特地 expressly
chu3 li3 处理 to handle (process)
shuai4 smart, handsome
nan2 dao4 难道 don’t tell me (…)
xin1 wen2 新闻 news
gui4 bu5 de5 怪不得 no wonder
mi4 mi4 秘密 secret
yan3 jing1 眼睛 eyes
ge4 zi5 个子 height
guan1 xi5; guan1 xi4 关系 relationship
gong4 tong2 共同 common
ai4 hao4 爱好 hobby
hu4 xiang1 互相 each other
you2 xiang1 邮箱 mailbox
jian4 jian4 渐渐 gradually
lang4 man4 浪漫 romantic
ji1 hui4 机会 opportunity
jie4 shao4 介绍 to introduce
yu2 kuai4 愉快 cheerful
qin1 ai4 亲爱 dear
jiao1 to associate with
dang1 shi2 当时 then
nei4 xiang4 内向 introverted
xing4 ge2 性格 temperament
kai1 lang3 开朗 carefree
shu2 xi1 熟悉 to be familiar with
yao2 gun3 yue4 摇滚乐 rock music
you1 mo4 幽默 humor
re4 qing2 热情 enthusiastic
wen1 rou2 温柔 warmth and softness
ku3 nao3 苦恼 vexed
xi1 you2 ji4 西游记 Journey to the West
yao1 guai4 妖怪 monster
bai2 ling3 白领 white-collar
gu3 gan4 骨干 backbone
jing1 ying1 精英 elite
shou1 ru4 收入 income
yi4 yan2 wei2 ding4 一言为定 to keep one’s word

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