Three simple rules to learn Chinese. Follow them, make big changes!

That is from a Chinese learner. He said:”the best way of learning the language is “You have to live in there country” more than 3 months continuously. I used to learn Chinese in short course for 1 year and I completely forgot every lesson that I learned , even “How much” in Chinese i completely forgot it. After that I move to China from zero Chinese skill. It was amazing I can speak Chinese just 1 week after live in China and i speak so fluently. the second sufficient way of learning language is Watching the movie and don’t look subtitle. you have to look there mouth when they say and read the body-language when they act. and you will be surprise to get the meaning what they say.”

I think it is reasonable. Recently I found an video on Youtube. There were two men who came to China with No-English rule for 3 months. Their Chinese improved really a lot!

Here is the video from TEDx. By the way, If you don’t have 16 mins to watch. Then the three simple rules to follow are:

1. Find one person to talk with, a conversation partner
2. No english rule with this person, only language that you are learning
3. Start speaking :)


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