To better understand Chinese character system

My dear friend. Thanks to Harry, my friend and student from Australia. I found another very useful book for understanding Chinese character system. You can download the preview of this book for free which gives you 1 – 50 pages of the book. Which includes the part I really enjoyed.

Actually, for me, I really like the pages 1 to 10. They tell you the idea of Chinese characters very clearly. Why do Chinese characters look like this? Where do they come from? How many kinds of characters? These 10 pages give me an excellent answer.

The author is Vladimir from Slovak. His major in the university was Chinese language research and he has been studying and researching Chinese for a long long time.

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Download a FREE 50 page preview 



We made a book called “Everything You Need to Know about Learning Chinese”. It tells you the history, the language, survival Chinese, travel, food and other very useful resources which you need to know. If you want to learn Chinese fast and know the culture of China as well, you need this book. Now you can download this book for free and get free video tutorials every week.
Everything you need to know about learning Mandarin ebook -2