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We are a service provider of professional Chinese language and culture services.
We provide Online Chinese lessons, homestay,  Chinese Martial Arts, handwriting, cooking, Mahjong, etc.


We are located at World Trade Centre in downtown Dalian, with representatives in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. CCI Chinese Classroom employs over 20 people, focus on meeting the needs of our customers.  We also rely upon a strong, dedicated network of professional Chinese teachers to help us with this endeavor. Together, we successfully fulfill our clients’ requests.


Our Mission

To empower corporate employees and their families to live and work successfully in China through our Language Training, Cultural Training, Translation Solutions and Destination Services.


Chinese Training


Chinese Classroom is pleased to provide corporations, employees, English teachers and students customized Chinese language training. Training is available in the home, office or our classroom and is scheduled according to the student’s availability. Our professional approach accommodates a variety of learning styles and instructional techniques, and focuses on building speaking proficiency.


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