Chinese Training: Accent Reduction Program

Why Accent Reduction?

Excellent communication skills are essential in today’s competitive business world.

Since Chinese is a kind of tonal language, the tones are very different from English pronunciation. Unclear Chinese pronunciation can:

  • Adversely influence advancement and promotion;
  • Hamper performance and productivity;
  • Be a source of concern and embarrassment;
  • Result in misunderstandings, time-consuming repetitions and inaccurate messages;
  • Lead to poor relationships among members of your staff.

Typical non-native speakers with strong foreign accents lose about 25 percent of their time and effectiveness because of unclear speech.


Accent reduction training can help you acquire the sounds of Mandarin that will enable Chinese listeners to understand you better.


CCI offers accent reduction training in two formats: an eight-week program or a sixteen-week program that starts with a thorough evaluation. This evaluation allows us to methodically transcribe and analyze the student’s current speech patterns and set up a detailed, customized syllabus.


CCI’s Accent Reduction program will help you:

  • Identify and produce the sounds of Chinese;
  • Increase your confidence when speaking;
  • Refine their knowledge of Chinese;
  • Develop stress and tones that resembles the speech of a native speaker

You could learn Chinese online via Skype at your home, or you could go to our school.


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